Good Morning everybody. Today we will be learning about a very important subject, "Influence - Are our children safe?"

We are a young nation and we have lot to do.

Illustration: At times our relatives visit us. Few of our cousins's children who are raised in the west, speak english with a different accent such as British, American, Australian etc. However our cousins speak in the way which we can easily understand? Why is that?

Well, the children are influenced. In the same way, we are also influenced the way world works.

Illustration: During Christmas, we clean up our houses, becaused we have been influenced with the season.

"Then I said to them, "You see the trouble we are in, how Jerusalem lies in ruins with its gates burned. Come, let us build the wall of Jerusalem, that we may no longer suffer derision." - Nehemiah 2:17

When Nehemiah had considered the matter, he told the Jews that God had put it into his heart to build the wall of Jerusalem. He does not undertake to do it without them. By stirring up ourselves and one another to that which is good, we strengthen ourselves and one another for it. We are weak in our duty, when we are cold and careless.

Illustration: At times, even things which are wrong, we get used to it. For example the big dosa tawa. We know that there might be some dirt stuck somewhere. However we ignore it and continue using it everyday. It is because we are influenced.

We are troubled because the gates have been broken. We are in an urgent need to build it. This is what Nehemiah is saying. We are literally in a war like situation. This war is the war if influence which is happening and it is changing us.

Illustration: Today we are about 7.7 billion population living on the earth. By the time it is 2030, it will be a different world. Things are moving in a different direction.  A Child born today will be 13 year old.

Illustration: Warren Buffer took 66 years to hit the income mark of more than 350 billion dollars. Whereas Mark Zuckerberg took roughly 12 years for almost a similar income mark.

Illustration: A 4 MB disk 30 years from now used to take an entire room, whereas today we carry 128 GB in our pocket on a pen drive. In 1960s TV was inteoduced to general public, now we have an access to movies and entertainment via mobile phones.

1: Internet: It is the lungs of humanity and we have to use it and as a Church we have to depend on it. By 2030, the time will be different. Maybe you wont use even passwords that time yet the whole world will be connected. That would be our Church in 2030.

2:  Internet of things: Sensors will be everywhere and in short it will be just touch and access, things we would have never been dreamt of. It is going to be a global nerve system.

3: ARVR (Agumented Realtime Virtual Reality). Suppose I want to buy a home in New York, it will be possible by sitting at home in Mumbai via virtual tools.

One of the world's leading industry expected at that time would be the the pornography. Imagine the danger to our children.

There is a louder voice that our children are hearing. Are we giving disciplining them in a way where this virtual voice is lower?

Massive multiscreen unfiltered unregulated infornation is being flooded to our children. It is hitting our beliefs and values are at risk.

Age doesn't matters, you could be influenced.

Illustration: Between 1900-1910, Christianity came to North Korea. Between 1910-1970 18% growth.  Between 1970-2008 28.2% growth. Between 2008-2017, Christianity saw the biggest downfall.

What is the reason for this? A systematic ignorance of the local Church.

We are loosing our children. We are losing then to

How can we save our children?
'Discipleship" - It is the only plan and there is no 'plan B'. And this can start only from our homes.

As per one survey, 66% times the child is accessible to their parents and 1%-2% a child spends time at Sunday school, rest is the time of more than 30% where children can be influenced in this world of ARVR. Friends, we have still time. Discipleship is the only way and we have to use this time discipling our children very carefully.

As a parent, spend great amount of time with your children.

Discipleship or Die!

Friends, it is written in on of the songs, "All to Jesus, I surrender....!"

Surrender to Him!

Deuteronomy 17 speaks about worshiping and warns us to avoid worship the way others were worshipping during thay time. They were influenced in such a way that God had to destroy them.

Pray to God and speak to Him to bless you in a way that you will be able to understand His authority, love and might. Be influenced by God that you may enjoy your Children, who to you is a gift from God.

We hope you enjoyed today's service and have learned an importan message from God. We look forward meeting you next Sunday. God bless!

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